67 años


Visitas totales 55

Caracteristicas físicas

Altura : 167 cm

Peso : 76 kg

Pecho : 95 cm

Cintura : 90 cm

Caderas : 107 cm

Color de ojos : Marrones

Color de pelo : Grises

Longitud del pelo : Corto

Tipo de pelo : Liso

Características particulares

I lead an active lifestyle, I drive a car, a bicycle, a boat and a motorcycle. I like to go to the mountains a lot, swim, ski cacti, I am guided by the terrain. I embroider with satin stitch, cross stitch, knit and crochet, and sew on a sewing machine. I do gardening. I love children and know how to handle newborns. I am a pharmacist by profession, graduated from medical school. I speak 5 languages: Romanian, Moldovan, Russian, Ukrainian, English, Spanish.

Notas personales

participated in filming in Canada, with Sean Connery, Chris Rock, Arnold Schwarzenegger.